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Getting Started


Enter a procedure or diagnosis

Type in a medical procedure, diagnosis or name of the clinic on Home Page. Wunderdoc search recognises the word by the first letter. Diagnoses correspond to the International Classification of Diseases ICD-10.


Send a request

We give you a selection of clinics by medical specialisation. Choose the best clinic suitable for you and send them your detailed request.

How to find the best clinic?

Focus on WunderRating based on former patient reviews, expert assessments, approval by accreditation institutions, clinic's scientific activities and media reputation.


Pay Wunderdoc Support Fee

We will check your enquiry within 24h to see if it corresponds to a clinic's requirements and send you an invoice to pay a Wunderdoc Support Fee. We will let you know if you need to send any additional information to a clinic.


Receive a personalised offer

Staff or a representative of a chosen clinic will send you a personalised offer based on the information provided. Use your Wunderdoc account and messaging system to ask any additional questions, clarify information or set an arrival date.


Visit a clinic

WunderTeam stays in touch with you during your visit to a clinic.

Find out how we choose the clinics

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