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Wunderdoc Website Terms of Use

(version 07/2018)

Please read and review these Terms of Use carefully before using this website. By accessing or using this site, you acknowledge that you have read, understood and agreed to the Terms of Use Agreement. If you do not agree to the Terms of Use, you must not access or use the website.

The online service the (hereinafter referred to as the “Service”) is provided by the HealthTech GmbH (hereinafter called the “Company”) located at the following address: Merowingerplatz 1
, 40225, Düsseldorf, Germany.

The purpose of this agreement is to define the rights, obligations, responsibilities and other necessary matters between the Company, Users and Service Providers as to the use of the Service provided by the Company. All interaction between Users, Service Providers and the Company is determined by this Agreement. Any exceptions and deviations are considered only in case the Company agrees to them in writing.

This agreement was written in English and may be different from other translated versions of the agreement, including Russian, German and other versions. If any translated version of this agreement conflicts with the English version, the English one prevails.

1. Definitions

The terms used in this agreement are defined as follows.

1.1. “Contents” refers to, but are not limited to, the sentences, voices, music, images, videos, software, programs, and codes that are created for users, medical institutes or hosting institutes for medical tourism and the Company.

1.2. “Users” refers to every visitor using the Website under this agreement.

1.3. “Service Provider” refers to medical institutes or hosting companies, aggregators and agents for medical tourism. Please be aware, that our service automatically collates Service Providers information from Internet. In particular, this information is collected from public domains of clinics, private practices, medical centres and other medical institutions. That is the way of medical institution profile creation on our Website.

1.4. “Individual user agreement” refers to the agreement by the Service Provider in relation to its individual products

2. Agreement

2.1. Users must use this Website according to the terms and conditions of this agreement. They can use this Website only if they agree with these Terms of Use.

2.2. Users who are underage are not allowed to use this Website. Underage person is an individual under the age of 18, or depending on the Country law, under the age of 21. The Company shall not be held responsible for any damage caused by the activities of minor Users who sign up on the Website by providing false information.

2.3. Once Users proceed to use this Website, they are considered to be in agreement to these Terms of Use.

3. Accounts

3.1. When Users register their personal information to use this Website, it must be true, correct and complete, and shall be properly updated with the latest information.

3.2. The Company shall do its best to keep Users personal information safe in accordance with the related laws. It will follow the privacy policies of applicable laws and that of the Company regarding the protection and use of personal information. When Customers register their personal information to use this Website, they should keep it safe in order  not to be unjustifiably used. The Company assumes that registered information and passwords are used by the Users themselves. If the User is alerted by  any unauthorized use of his/her account, the user must notify the company immediately.

3.3. The Company has the right to suspend or remove an account of the User without prior notice  if the User is thought to have violated or is likely to violate this agreement.

3.4. The Company may delete an account that is not used for more than one year without prior notice to the User.

3.5. Any right entitled to Users is rejected when an account is deleted. Please note that a deleted account cannot  be restored.

3.6. Users who are subscribed to this Website can delete their account and withdraw their membership at any time with the help from the Company’s administrators. In order to do this Users should send an email with a corresponding request to the

3.7. To track and document Users’ requests in case of any law suits, the Company will keep full names and email addresses of registered Users. The Company can use this information after an account is deleted solely for the aforementioned purpose and not for any advertising or other purposes.

4. Associated Partners

This Website might contain services or content provided by other companies not associated with the Company. The companies that provide such services or content shall be held responsible for any matters caused by them. For such services or content, other terms and conditions defined by the companies which provide them may apply.

5. Customer Responsibility

5.1. The use of this  Website is under the User’s own responsibility. The Users are solely held responsible for their actions on this Website and any corresponding results.

5.2. If the Company establishes that Users have used this Website in violation of this agreement, it will take actions considered to be necessary and appropriate. The Company is not obliged  to drop or correct such violations.

5.3. If the Company suffers any direct or indirect loss or damage due to someone’s use of the Website (including when any claim is made against the Company by a third party), the User shall compensate for the loss or damage (including attorney’s fees) immediately upon the request from the Company.

6. Disclaimer

6.1. The Company does not guarantee, explicitly or tacitly, that there are no actual or legal flaws in the infrastructure associated with the Website (including flaws regarding safety, reliability, correctness, completeness, validity, consistency with a certain purpose, security, errors and bugs, infringement of rights, etc.). The Company is not obliged to inform Users about the  removal of such flaws.

6.2. The Company is not obliged  to censor the content, information, etc. provided by Users and check or review the content at all times. It shall bear no responsibility for the corresponding  results.

6.3. The Company does not guarantee that:

6.3.1. the website will be uninterrupted or error free;
6.3.2. defects or errors on the website will be corrected;
6.3.3. the website will be free from viruses or other harmful components; or
6.3.4. any information contained on the website will be accurate or reliable.

6.4. The Company shall not be held responsible for not meeting User’s profit expectations through the use of this Website, or loss or damage caused by the Website. HealthTech does not held any obligation to reimburse the expenses for the necessary legal protection, such as lawyer costs, legal fees, court fines and other costs associated with the court proceedings, and the court decision.

6.5. The Company shall not be held  responsible for any results achieved using the services offered by Service Providers to Users.

6.6. The Company is not involved in the contractual relationship between Users and Service Providers that may arise later. The Company does not affect the financial statement or the content of any agreement between Users and Service Providers. Thus, any relationship between Service Providers and Users is independent, and the Company is under no obligation to both sides.

7. Medical Information and Information on Service Providers

7.1. The Company website may contain general information related to various medical procedures, conditions, and their treatment. Such information is provided for informational purposes only and is not meant to be a substitute of doctors’ advice. Users should not use this information for diagnosing a health or fitness problem or disease. Users must always consult with a doctor.

7.2 Information provided on the Website about Service Providers is collected automatically from the Internet. The Company does not review or check it and does not support any particular Service Provider. In case you decide to use the services of any Service Provider, you do so at your own risk. Some Service Providers, presented on the Website, are located under the jurisdictions where insurance in relation to their medical services is not available or not compulsory. We suggest you carry out your own research and consult with your doctor or your primary medical service provider before contacting any Service Provider presented on the Website. Any search results performed on the Website must not be interpreted as such that any particular Service provider has the Company’s approval or comparison rating.

7.3. The Company is not a medical information service, it does not support, recommend or approves any Service Provider presented on the Website. We are not medical specialists and will not consult on any matters related to the medical services offered by Service Providers.

7.4. As the Company cannot control information about Service Providers sourced from the Internet and available on this Website, it cannot guarantee the authenticity, quality, safety and legitimacy of any Service Provider or medical services offered by them. The Company cannot guarantee the accuracy of any Service Provider’s data or their ability to fulfil their obligations to you.

7.5. The Company sources the information on different Service Providers and their services from public websites. Users receive access to this information through the Company’s Website. This information should help you to make a choice of a preferable Service Provider after carrying out your own research on such Service Provider. If you choose a Service Provider, we help you to keep in touch with this Service Provider by sending them your information and offering you a service of direct communication with this Service Provider.  

8. Field of Application of Web Services of the Company

8.1.  The Company presents clinics and other medical service providers  in Germany, Israel and other countries on its website.

8.2. The Company provides Users with the opportunity to find the most suitable clinic for them. To do this, users enter their health information on the website in a relevant format. The website analyzes such entries and offers a list of medical service providers   from the Website catalog, to meet User’s needs.

8.3. To contact the Service Provider, a User has to register on the Website. The Website will then provide him/her with a personal account to store personal information and send requests to Service Providers.

8.4. Once registered a User can send a request.  The Company checks that the request is complete and is in compliance with reasonable requirements. The Company retains the right to reject sending the request to a Service Provider, if according to the Company, the request is not in compliance with reasonable requirements.

8.5 A User pays the Support Fee as described on the Website. Only after the receipt of funds the Company sends a request to a chosen Service Provider. The support service is deemed fulfilled when a Service Provider replies to the request. The Company does not hold responsibility for the content and completeness of an answer from a Service Provider as well as for a reply time frame. A response is delivered to a registered User’s email address.

8.6 The Website does not replace medical expertise and must not be used to make a decision to start or finish any treatment. The Website is not suitable for receiving emergency medical care.

8.7. For the treatment in any country a separate contract may be required to be signed between a User and a  Service Provider. If a User is interested in receiving any additional Services from the Company before or during his/her stay at the clinic, and if the Company provides such services, a User can order such  services from the Company. The list of available services can be found on the Company website.

8.8. The use of the Company Website, Registration  on the Website, the use of a personal account and messaging system is free of charge.

8.9. The Company in the course of its work with  Service Providers aggregates and shows the generalized information about the costs of treatments and  procedures. This information cannot  be considered as an offer and is shown on the website for the information purposes only.

8.9.1. The actual cost of treatments or procedures is defined in an offer from a Service Provider to a User and is subject to the subsequent agreement between the two, according to the paragraph 8.7. of this Agreement. 

9. Changes to the Website

The Company may change, suspend or discontinue any aspect of the Website at any time, including the availability of any Website feature, database, or Content. The Company also may impose limits on certain features and services or restrict User access to some parts or entire Website without notice or liability.

10. Third Party Websites and Linking

The Company website may contain links and references to other web pages maintained by third parties over whom the Company has no control. Similarly, the Company may be accessed from third party links over which the Company has no control. The Company makes no warranties and holds no  responsibility of any kind with regards to the availability, accuracy, currency, or completeness of any information contained on such websites.

11. Limitations on Liability

11.1. Users and Service Providers are exclusively liable for the content of every message and information  transmitted via the Company’s services or on In no event will the Company be liable for the content of any message, information, or name transmitted via our web pages, email links or forms.

11.2. The Company shall not be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, special or consequential damages, arising from the  use of the website

12. Privacy

The Company respects the privacy of its Users. Please refer to the Company’s Privacy Policy that explains Users rights and responsibilities with respect to information that is disclosed on this website.

13. How to Contact

13.1. When the Company contacts Customers with regard to the use of the Service, it shall do so by writing a post in  a designated  place on the web service page of or by the means it considers appropriate.

13.2. When Customers contact the Company with regard to the use of the Service, they shall do so on the Customer enquiry page set in a designated place on the web service page of or by the means asked by the Company.

14. Trademarks

14.1. HealthTech GmbH and Wunderdoc names, including product names, materials, and services, whether or not appearing in large print or with the trademark symbol, are trademarks of the Company.

14.2. The use or misuse of these trademarks or any other materials, unless permitted, is expressly prohibited and may be in violation of copyright law, trademark law, the law of slander and libel, the law of privacy and publicity, and communication regulations and statutes.

15. Copyright Protection

All Content on is either owned by or licensed to HealthTech GmbH partner hospitals/clinics/doctors/agents. HealthTech GmbH partner hospitals and its licensors retain all proprietary rights to the materials.

16. Changes to the Terms of Use

If any part of these Terms shall be deemed unlawful, void or for any reason unenforceable, then that part shall be extracted from these Terms and shall not affect the rest of the Agreement. The Company retains the right to make amendments to the Terms of Use. If the Web page is used after the amendments take place, the Users  are deemed to accept the changes.

17. Applicable Laws and Jurisdiction

17.1. Matters that are not stipulated in this agreement shall be in accordance with the relevant German laws and customs.

17.2. In case of any dispute in relation to  to this agreement and the use of the Service, the governing law shall be German law. In  case of any lawsuit, the relevant  court shall be the one under which jurisdiction  the Company is located.


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